Have a strong and impressive team that's lacking valuable public speaking skills?

Want to feel confident that when your staff is talking to clients, they have the communication training and presentation skills to close bigger deals?

First, let's get to know each other.  

Does your team...

...know the benefits of your products or services inside out, but when it comes to pitching, presenting and negotiating, they lose the ability to speak confidently?

...lack the storytelling skills and persuasive power to guide your clients toward bigger sales and longer contracts?

...do an excellent job delivering what's promised, but fail to upsell or give compelling reasons to sign on for more?

...shy away from the spotlight when asked for valuable input and ideas in groups?

...stop themselves from applying for higher level positions in fear of needing to speak or being more visible in the organization?

...turn down key opportunities to be in the spotlight, like speaking at an industry conference or representing the company at an event? 

...believe they are not charismatic or outgoing enough to be excellent speakers?

What if I told you that in just six months your team will be:

  • selling more boldly, looking forward to pitching larger contracts, and confidently negotiating higher rates?

  • saying yes to valuable brand building opportunities and presenting on stage and online at industry conferences and events?

  • telling compelling stories and connecting with your clients on a deeper level to create longer relationships and repeat business?

  • feeling more confident and comfortable sharing ideas, seeing themselves as leaders, and taking more initiative to speak up?

  • rewriting the story of who they are and what they're capable of now and in the future?

What if I told you they could learn these skills alongside 10 other women in a safe, supportive space?

Guess what? They can. 

Introducing: Speaker Sisterhood Express

An accelerated six month online training program for women who want to fast track their communication skills so public speaking and speaking up are no longer barriers to accomplishing big goals

Why am I so confident this program works?

Hi there!

I’m Angela Lussier, CEO and Founder of Speaker Sisterhood. Since we launched five years ago, I’ve watched women from around the globe show up with unease on their face and courage in their hearts ready to overcome their fear of public speaking. 

When they completed their training, they showed more confidence, had a deeper belief in their abilities, and found themselves saying and doing things they never thought possible. We see proof every day that by empowering your staff, you will see bolder communicators, stronger teams, and better outcomes for your organization.

If you say yes to my invitation, you’ll get:

  • a safe, private space for 10 women in your group or organization to practice speaking via Zoom every month
  • speech frameworks that will forever serve you, giving you peace of mind for every type of presentation
  • increased confidence and comfort while speaking in front of groups, on stage, on camera, and online 
  • improved presentation skills that include storytelling, persuasion, slide creation, body language, eye contact, facial expressions, hand gestures, content, speech templates, and audience engagement strategies
  • improved listening skills and ability to give constructive feedback 
  • ease and grace when put on the spot to respond 
  • self-assurance in negotiations, interviews, and sales meetings

This training has led to some incredible growth:

Like Erin, who says:

“I loved my experience, I learned so much. I gave a speech in front of 100 people last week and it went AMAZING thanks to Speaker Sisterhood.”

Or Rose, who stated:

I came to Speaker Sisterhood to practice an upcoming presentation but found out it’s much more than public speaking training! I became a more confident communicator in my relationships, at work, and when meeting new people at networking events. I even gained a new sisterhood that truly feels like the family I always wanted. Thank you!!” 

Speaker Sisterhood Express clubs meet virtually once a month for two and a half hours. 

Example Club: Meets first Wednesday of the month starting March 2nd, 12:00 - 2:30pm ET 

Meeting dates: March 2, April 6, May 4, June 1, July 6, August 3

Once your group is registered, we will meet to determine the best day of the week and time of day for your group.


Six 2.5 hour online meetings that include: 
  • 30 minute skills training presented by Angela Lussier, Speaker Sisterhood CEO and Founder 
  • Facilitated practice session for each member to deliver a prepared 5-7 minute speech from the curriculum and receive group feedback

Connection outside of meetings:

  • Get an assigned accountability buddy from your club to help with support, practice, and brainstorming

Course kit mailed to you: 
  • Your own copy of Speaker Sisterhood’s signature public speaking curriculum + workbook, The Secret Life of Speaking Up
  • Speaker Sisterhood earbuds with mic
  • Welcome gift

Lifetime Speaker Sisterhood membership: 

  • Early registration and discounts on future programs 
  • Access to a library of public speaking resources
  • Affiliate opportunities and perks for spreading the word 

More from our members...

Speaker Sisterhood member, Leslie, had this to say about her experience:

“I have always hated public speaking and tended to just leave my body behind and head for the hills when the light shone on me. Definitely a deer in the headlights kind of response, especially if unexpected. Being prepared was the only way I could stick around, but I didn’t really know how to prepare, let alone prepare well. Doing the speeches this year with the curriculum and all the feedback has helped so much in my understanding of how to do that. And now if I get spotlighted unprepared, I feel more confidence that I can stick around and present myself with ease and skill. Thank you!"

You gain all of this training and practice time for the investment of:


What our members are saying...

“Speaker Sisterhood has made a huge difference in my life! It is the meeting I looked forward to most in my week in 2020, and played a huge role in keeping my sanity in 2020, too! It gave me a place of belonging, which I really needed after leaving my corporate job in 2019, and becoming a freelancer. And, I never thought I’d ever get paid to speak, but last year, I gave my first paid speech for an online conference hosted in New Zealand! I’d love to keep doing that more. Looking back, I’m so grateful and in awe with the difference it’s made in my life, and I couldn’t be more thankful.”

Jill, Speaker Sisterhood member 2020-2021

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for Speaker Sisterhood. To say it's just what I needed is an understatement! This is a world-changing and truly essential organization, and exactly what we need in this time in history. Today was only my 4th meeting, but I've learned so much already, I'm actually blown away. This is really feminism in action.” 

Liz, member 2019-Present

“I am so proud that I joined Speaker Sisterhood and thrived through it! When I began, my goal was to gain confidence in speaking (this happened in the very 1st speech), to craft my unique message and brand and learn what it is I want to share with others. I got a huge amount out of this program. It has awakened a passion in me for both working with women and for speaking. I LOVE speaking, who knew? The curriculum is GENIUS!!!! Speaker Sisterhood helped me go deep, mine my gems, polish them and shine. Thank you!” 

Jill, Speaker Sisterhood member 2017-2020

“As challenging as it’s been for me, these meetings have been one of the best life classes I’ve ever taken. Difficult to put into words but there is some healing happening… and I feel like an onion—peeling back the layers to a better version of me I always knew was there.” 

Linda, Speaker Sisterhood member

Add on: 60 minute coaching sessions with Angela

Get one private speech coaching session for each of your 10 participants to go over content for key sales presentations, conference speeches, and other individualized needs for the discounted price of $3,000.

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  • How is this different from the other Speaker Sisterhood clubs?
    Speaker Sisterhood Express is an accelerated public speaking training program that is focused on building speaking skills in a six month window. Self-paced Speaker Sisterhood clubs meet two times per month for as long as you’d like to participate.
  • Can I enroll my team in a self-paced club after we finish the express club?
    Yes! Once the express experience is finished, they are eligible to join a self-paced Speaker Sisterhood club to continue growth.
  • Can men join?
    No, Speaker Sisterhood Express and our self-paced Speaker Sisterhood clubs are only open to individuals 18+ identifying as a woman.

    We have coed corporate programs available called Present Like a Pro. They have the same outcomes, timelines, and pricing. Contact us at info@speakersisterhood.com for details.
  • Is there a refund policy?
    Yes, you are eligible for a full refund up to 14 days after payment is received. After that, the club will be set and no refunds will be issued.
  • Why is the program six months long?
    Participants will be giving a speech each month and incorporating the feedback and lessons learned the month before. That means it is important to allow time for speech prep, practice, and reflection between meetings. After running three pilots of this program already, our participants found that this is the perfect amount of time between meetings to get the most out of this training.
  • What will be taught in the six training sessions?
    Class 1: Storytelling + Eye Contact
    Learn how to tell a story that connects with the hearts of your audience and find out how to use eye contact effectively to connect with the audience.

    Class 2: Persuasion + Gestures
    Learn how to promote an idea, support a cause, or convince your team to take action to change. Learn gestures to enhance your ideas and help your audience “see” your points.

    Class 3: Audience Interaction + Movement
    Discover fun strategies to engage the audience in-person and online and find out why movement is so important.

    Class 4: Props, Slideshows + Voice Power
    Learn to master visuals and notes gracefully and effectively. Find out how to incorporate breathing, pausing, and varying the speed of your talk for maximum effectiveness.

    Class 5: Your Signature Talk
    Combine skills learned throughout the program to create a signature talk you can present in front of various audiences and at a range of events.

    Class 6: Final Speeches + Graduation!
    Deliver a signature talk that either highlights your line of work or summarizes what you have learned from this program and how you will apply it.
  • What platform do you use for online meetings?
    All meetings will be held via Zoom and will require the use of video and audio. You will also need a quiet, confidential space for meetings.
  • Have another question you don't see here?
    Email us! Info@speakersisterhood.com